Monday, August 08, 2005

Utah's Mormon Population

Interesting article I saw recently, found at Utah Valley's Daily Herald. I have been out of town, so I'm only now getting to comment on it. As a Mormon, it is always interesting to see what others think about Mormons. Although I never expected to live in Utah, three years ago, I moved this sea of Latter Day Saints. The culture here is different from anywhere else I have been. For the curious, the places in which I have spent significant time include (in roughly descending order): Arizona, Germany, New York State, California, Alaska, Mexico, Washington state. Well, I have been other places, but this is a good enough list for now.

Unlike some Mormons, I welcome the day when the state of Utah does not have a religious majority of Latter Day Saints. Those who live here tend (and I'm speaking in very general terms and recognize there are exceptions to this rule) to be comfortable with their religion, because everyone else is the same. While comfortable is nice, it means that people don't try as hard, don't extend themselves, don't work at standing for what they believe. Losing that majority edge will be a great test for many Saints, but I suspect this is what this church needs to rouse its faculties in this state. Maybe, the realization that many people are moving in to Utah who need some happiness in their lives will be good for the missionary effort. Hopefully, this population shift mentioned in the article will help to reduce the levels of pride I have seen around here. Of course, I am imperfect and shouldn't judge, but I know what I see and I know hypocracy.

Anyway, I promise not to get too preachy here. I just had to comment on this article. Mormons, thy days as the majority are numbered!


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