Monday, August 29, 2005

Movie industry needs help

As the entertainment industries work (music, movie, software, etc.) on blaming other's for their money problems, the whole story isn't ever given. This is going to pick on the movie industry. While movie watching in theaters has declined, DVD and satellite sales have brought in a nice and tidy sum, and is growing.

Nonetheless, profits are not as high as the suits want. Why is that? Pirates distributing movies for free? The theater-going experience isn't as good as it used to be, with cell phones and the such?

There is a theory (and it is a theory) that a certain level of piracy is good for business, and can be considered free promotion. True or no, piracy levels have not been reduced, despite all the legal efforts. Perhaps the answer doesn't even lie in that direction. The truth seems to be that moviegoers are finally realizing that movies aren't that good.

We, the public, are starting to figure out that sequel after sequel, remakes of bad TV shows and just bad stories and acting with lots of explosions do not make good movies (I mean, who really thought we needed a Dukes of Hazards or Charlie's Angels made into movies?). Oh, there are still the occasional good movies coming out, but very little that gets us excited. The New York Times seems to agree with me.

I love movies and always have. In fact, I buy more movies that CD's. Sadly, I can get good movies for cheaper than a CD, and have a better return investment for my money. But I can't stand to see all the garbage coming out now. The entertainment industries all seem to think they can forever foist garbage on the public and get away with it. I can't wait till they realize that the world has changed, for the better. Maybe movies will finally get better.


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