Sunday, April 23, 2006

Drug companies creating illnesses

As someone who currently works for a natural health book publisher and who hopes to help people with their mental health needs in a nonpharmaceutical way, I am definitely not a promoter of drug use, illegal or legal. I am also very cynical about people who earn billions off of drugs that don't cure anyone (despite what the FDA says). All drugs cause side effects, and side effects make people worry that they are getting sicker, so they take more drugs. Disgusting. And we have all these wonderful "programs" to make sure people, young and old, will be addicted to medical advice and drugs for their entire life.

So it comes as no surprise to me that the BBC had a recent article stating drug companies have been known to come up with diseases. Coming up with more creative uses for their legal poisons? How surpising!

Naturally, the drug companies deny the allegation of disease-mongoring. But you tell me. Does it make sense for billion-dollar companies to not try and grow their businesses? Do they really expect us to believe that they aren't manufacturing reasons to take their drugs? Why should they change their business model when it is so lucrative and has very little consequence?
Anyway, read more about it on the BBC website:


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