Thursday, May 11, 2006

A possible solution to RFID privacy concerns

I'm not taking my eye off of RFID users. Their goal is not my privacy. Their best interest is not mine. But it is heartening to see at least someone actually listen to the consumer. IBM has come up with a great way to discard the little buggers after a consumer purchase. The RFID units are sewn with their antenna inside a small tag that can be torn off of the merchandise. Tear off the antenna and the unit becomes useless. Sounds nice. A lot cleaner than nuking your clothes in the microwave to make sure you aren't bugged by this privacy nightmares.
This article (on Information Week) discusses this new solution, and is one of the first I've read that actually admits that RFID tags pose a security/privacy risk to the consumer. I say "Bravo" to IBM and anyone who adopts this method or similar methods to empower the end-user.


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